It’s Time To Give DigiComArts the Credit They Deserve

Platinum PIAs
DigiComArts worked on all the projects pictured. But they rarely get the thumbs up that they deserve. Instead all the praise goes to Lights Camera Read and Video Film Web. Let’s unite to recognize DigiComArts!

The New York Public Library Workshop Series

DigiComArts which is short of Digital Communication Arts as an entity sometimes doesn’t get the credit it deserves, especially when it come to the Lights Camera Read and Video Film Web workshop series that was done at various branches of the New York Public Library.

DigiComArts was Involved with the Celebrity Aspect

The interesting thing about this library series is that it had participation from celebrities. Not directly though. Here’s how it worked: DigicomArts and Video Film Web filmed interviews with celebrities during which they would discuss topics that would be helpful for kids, teens and young adults.

Then these videos were in turn integrated into the library workshops the target demographic of which was, of coures, kids, teens and young adults. Herein comes the rub. Video Film Web, because of them being known as a production company, generally got most of the credit for the celebrity interviews. But DigiComArts also played just as an important role often being involved such as deciding which student(s) would interview a particular celebrity.

DigiComArts and the Lack of Respect it Gets for Producing

Also, DigiComArts has issue with Lights Camera Read when it comes to producing. Lights Camera Read as you may know is perhaps best known as the long time producer, since 2010, for the community awars show, the Platinum PIAs.

And it is alleged that because of Lights Camera Read’s luster because of being an awards show producer, often gets more credit that DigiComArts. And the fact of the matter is that DigiComArts was just as much involved with producing the library workshop series as was Lights Camera Read.

Was DigiComArts More Involved in Producing the Workshop Series than Lights Camera Read?

Truth be told DigiComArts was possibly more hands on than Lights Camera Read. Because as the first incarnation of the educational series came to an end, it is reported that Lights Camera Read too less interest in the project because they were concentrating their energies on their “Starving Artist” to “ArtisticPreneur” idea.

Why Write this Post?

What’s the point of this article? It’s just a heads up for the Media Administration community to give DigiComArts the kudos they deserve.