Questions and Answers

Questions and answers really work together. We were on a questions and answers path when we started this blog. Our concept was that the role of the Media Administrator would circumvent the Arts Administrators. Our question was:

“Could Media Administrators become more prevalent than Arts Administrators?”

We don’t have any studies to point to so we are curious what you think about it? Any ideas?


This eBook Could be Useful to You

Launch is a Month Away

As Media Administrators we work tirelessly to stay on top of the next technological evolutions. An eBook was brought to my attention recently that you might find interesting. I know I did. I got the eBook because it was given to me as a pre-release version. I believe that the eBook “Create Profitable Marketing” will be available to the public exactly a month from today on October 1st.

Increasing Your Bottom Line

What did I like about this publication? I found it refreshing. Although the title seems somewhat gimmicky, the information given in this eBook I felt was quite useful. The idea is of course that this book after reading will help you think more about the connection between marketing and money. The concept being that you can promote yourself to a positive fiscal position.

Expand Your Practice

Create Profitable Marketing is highly recommended for any Media Administrator looking to expand their knowledge about online marketing. The author is careful to not call it “digital marketing” since many of the conventional means of today are intentionally being left out. This publication focuses on the subset of digital marketing which is online marketing. But despite the focusing in on a certain type of marketing you are sure to find something in this eBook that you can integrate into your media administration practice.