Social Media

To Social or Not to Social

What is to Come

Our blog Media Administration has come a long way since it’s inception several years ago. We have become an industry disruptor and think tank. As the media landscape changes we go with it, and in the perception of some others, we maybe even anticipate what is to come.

A Case Study

There have been quite a few changes to social media in recent days. The Netflix docudrama “The Social Dilemma” claims to explore the dark side of social media. Their press release states that Social media is a nearly inescapable facet of life nowadays. But, their statement continues, how has its presence and our usage of it affected society as a whole? Director Jeff Orlowski aims to answer in this case study “The Social Dilemma.”

The Discussion Continues

I have long been one who questions the use of Social Media in marketing. My take on social in the past was  not been a popular approach with clients because, rightly so, they want to be competitive by engaging all the media options avail to them. But other than purchasing ads, the reality of the organic approach to marketing, shows that for many using this form of promotion can blow up in their faces. The discussion continues.