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To Social or Not to Social

What is to Come

Our blog Media Administration has come a long way since it’s inception several years ago. We have become an industry disruptor and think tank. As the media landscape changes we go with it, and in the perception of some others, we maybe even anticipate what is to come.

A Case Study

There have been quite a few changes to social media in recent days. The Netflix docudrama “The Social Dilemma” claims to explore the dark side of social media. Their press release states that Social media is a nearly inescapable facet of life nowadays. But, their statement continues, how has its presence and our usage of it affected society as a whole? Director Jeff Orlowski aims to answer in this case study “The Social Dilemma.”

The Discussion Continues

I have long been one who questions the use of Social Media in marketing. My take on social in the past was  not been a popular approach with clients because, rightly so, they want to be competitive by engaging all the media options avail to them. But other than purchasing ads, the reality of the organic approach to marketing, shows that for many using this form of promotion can blow up in their faces. The discussion continues.


Questions and Answers

Questions and answers really work together. We were on a questions and answers path when we started this blog. Our concept was that the role of the Media Administrator would circumvent the Arts Administrators. Our question was:

“Could Media Administrators become more prevalent than Arts Administrators?”

We don’t have any studies to point to so we are curious what you think about it? Any ideas?


This eBook Could be Useful to You

Launch is a Month Away

As Media Administrators we work tirelessly to stay on top of the next technological evolutions. An eBook was brought to my attention recently that you might find interesting. I know I did. I got the eBook because it was given to me as a pre-release version. I believe that the eBook “Create Profitable Marketing” will be available to the public exactly a month from today on October 1st.

Increasing Your Bottom Line

What did I like about this publication? I found it refreshing. Although the title seems somewhat gimmicky, the information given in this eBook I felt was quite useful. The idea is of course that this book after reading will help you think more about the connection between marketing and money. The concept being that you can promote yourself to a positive fiscal position.

Expand Your Practice

Create Profitable Marketing is highly recommended for any Media Administrator looking to expand their knowledge about online marketing. The author is careful to not call it “digital marketing” since many of the conventional means of today are intentionally being left out. This publication focuses on the subset of digital marketing which is online marketing. But despite the focusing in on a certain type of marketing you are sure to find something in this eBook that you can integrate into your media administration practice.


Give Value Get Value


In order to be a good content marketer, you need to be focused on the value that you are presenting to your prospect. When someone receives value in the form of Content Marketing that helps your audience with knowledge makes a difference when it comes to wanting them to take an action.

Do you truly understand the needs of your web visitor? Are you giving them valuable knowledge hopefully not available anywhere else> Are you empathetic toward your audience? Do you have your finger on the pulse of their desires? Achieving this state in in relation to your target demographic is your benchmark.

One of the most powerful forms of Content Marketing is social media. Social media if it is used correctly, can make a big difference in reaching your audience with your Cause and Content Marketing. It has the potential to reach a large group of your prospects. But in truth, doing Organic Social Media (not using ads but using keywords) is getting harder and harder to do in social media because your reach with social is consecutively going more and more down.

Being in touch with your future customers the exact moment they are ready to purchase is your goal. You may have heard the term “convert.” This what you want to do. You should be looking at how you can convert someone into being your client. Though in reality, as we just mentioned, true conversion is not fighting to get someone to see your Point of View and therefore buy something from you, it is more about catching your audience member at the perfect moment they are ready to take out their credit card.

If you jump on the social media advertising bandwagon, you will be far from alone. Ever since marketers recognized the power of social media, they have flocked to the platforms in droves, trying to sell their products and reach their ideal customers.

Having clarity about your use of Cause and Content Marketing means knowing which keywords to target. You do not just want people to seek out your client, you want them to do so as a pathway to them taking the next step. It can help to outline your content and get clear on your written strategy to reel in the person you wish to reach.

Use Video

You Can Do Online Video Without a Camera

Clips and Images

You can do online video without a camera. In fact, you can do video without using your phone or any other capture method. How? There are many web app options to be able to do this because they offer libraries of both video clips and still images.

No More Clip Transfer

This can be a great hassle free approach because you don’t have to worry about hauling a camera around and having to transfer your clips to your online drive etc.

Get Your Message to Your Visitors

But what is the point of having online video on your website in the first place. Studies show that visitors to your site are more likely to watch a video than to read your text. Some people even make some of the text on their site into the video. This, alongside your video, is a more effective method of getting your message to your visitors!


Media Mind Over Matter

The Film Industry Facing the Virus

Filmmaking is of course a very important component of types of media in the Media Administrator’s bag of Media Arts. With the onslaught of COVID-19 the film industry in New York pretty much shut down. Now that a very slow layering in approach is being used for various industries, an unofficial movie crew was put together to face the Coronavirus.

Very Contagious

As you can seen in this picture, not all members of the crew are using masks, nor are they practicing social distancing. We hope that because of this that the other members of the crew don’t somehow catch the disease.

Mind Over Matter on the Coronavirus

Mostly we wanted to get the message out to Media Administrators in the New York area that pulling a film together can very much be mind over matter,  meaning do your due diligences and make certain your crew follows the Covid guidelines.


Media Administration and Social Media

Digital Projects

A big part of media administration is overseeing social media projects. Presently we use client social media forms to link to their digital assets. Or to put it another way, for us social media is a way to amplify the message.  And the message is generated through the various digital projects that we create for our clients.

Desired Communication

Lately we’ve been thinking in the realm of social media about the components that social links to. These include a client’s primary website and niche ones that we sometimes create for them. The niche aspect gives us a way to concentrate the client’s message onto one site that is dedicated specifically to the communication desired at that time.

Traffic to a Primary Website

We’ll often do this niche projects in WordPress whereas clients’ main sites tend to be created in SquareSpace. Having a niche site that social media can connect to means being able to concentrate a client’s message and provides a forum that social media traffic can be driven to, in order to participate in some activity that connects her or him to the client’s primary website.


Defining Media Administration

What Does Media Administration Really Mean?

What Does it Mean?

We ran a test recently asking people what they thought the term “Media Administration” really meant. Most people thought that it referred to someone who does social media. And they would be correct, but it stands for more than just that.

More than Just Social

A Media Administrator is a job that encompasses social media and more. The more has to do with other forms of media, like those involved in the web arts.

ALL is the Answer

So the next time someone asks you what “Media Administration” means, you can tell them that it is an individual who uses ALL forms of the media arts.


USA Create is Becoming USA How To

Please Note

The following post is gleaned from a recent edition of the weekly marketing newsletter “USA How To.”

Achieve Your Dreams

With a wave of the wand it’s not a rabbit that’s going to be coming out of the hat but rather a new collaborator. USA Create is becoming USA How To which means there will be more emphasis on the “USA How To” of marketing. Currently known as the USA Create Newsletter a transition has started toward becoming the USA How To Newsletter. This means you’ll receive online marketing tips brought to you by the new group “USA How To” that has the mission to provide you with step by step eBooks to achieve your dreams.

Customized Digital Tools to Reach Your Goals

Why are we doing this? Because the direction that makes sense to us at this point is to be a supplier of short eBooks that solve problems for businesses, creatives and educators. Additionally we will continue to do products and services including eBook Authoring, Blogs Managing, Website Creating, Online Marketing and “Magic” Consulting (not magic tricks but rather the “Magic of Success”). All five of these products and services will be available to our eBook customers only and will be customized to the needs described in that eBook such as “How to Become YouTube Famous,” “How to Start an Amazon Business,” etc.

“USA How To” eBooks Can Help You Solve Your Problem

Some might say that solving problems in eBook form is not as useful as scouring internet search engines, seeking knowledge through social media and watching videos on the web. This is all well and good, but chances are this research process might be overwhelming and not answering the essential question of “How do I do this thing?” Why? Because you don’t know what you don’t know and it’s easy to reach information overload that takes you further and further away from your objective. That’s where USA How To comes into play.

Simple and Fun Results Are Possible

Our eBooks help you get where you want to go faster and without wasting your time surfing the web for weeks, months or even years. One of the most valuable commodities is time. And time is money. So why flush it down the drain when with a “USA How To” eBook you can accomplish your vision more simply and quickly. Why worry you might be taking the wrong steps when you can get the right ones with a “USA How To” eBook. Simple. Fun. Results.

The Playing Field Has Been Leveled

If you have any questions about all this and are a subscriber to our newsletter, simply hit return and we’d be more than happy to reply back. Our aim through all of this is to help you to reach your goals through information and digital media. We are fortunate to live in an era where the playing field has been leveled to some extent through you having the same access to digital tools that the wealthy do.

It’s Magic

If you are motivated and tenacious you can garner the outcome you desire with the help of USA How To eBooks, followed by the application of customized digital media products and services. USA Create is becoming USA How To. And we wish to thank Manhattan Magician and the NYC AIM crew for their media inspiration. Abracadabra, Presto-Change-O, Hit “Reply.”
Defining Media Administration

Media Administration is an Evolving Concept

Media Administration?

Along with Movie Process and NYC AIM, we are defining for ourselves on an ongoing basis what the term “Media Administration” really means. We’ve seen many different interpretations of it, several of them in conjunction with the concept of “communication.”

Back to the Beginning

When we first started this website we thought of “Media Administration” as being the manager for all things media such as video and even involving the Movie Process. But as time passes, more new ways of looking at the concept of “Media Administration. One thing that has happened and adds more value to the term, is the idea of Media Administration being integrated into education.

Taking it to the Colleges and Universities

A cool thing that has been happening right now is that colleges and universities are starting to offer Media Administration careers! We were offering educational apprenticeships with NYC AIM on media administration even before it was in vogue.


One of these is in a college’s graduate program called Arts and Media Administration. It is a program where students explore not-for-profit organizations. The Master’s Degree offers field studies and more. Also, for qualified candidates you can even get an MBA in this area! Imagine an MBA in Media Administration! And that’s not all. “Media Administration” is a Google trend!

What’s Your Definition of Media Administration?

Last year we had a post that asked for what “your definition of media administration” is. The results often linked social media to the term. Someone who strictly does social media for a company is known as a Social Media Manager. Therefore, it is likely that being a Media Administrator would have some social media duties along with communications activities.

Interdisciplinary Program

Another graduate program we found that used the term Media Administration even had a clever acronym for the degree which is CMA that stands for “Communication & Media Administration. It is described as being an:

“interdisciplinary program, which provides understanding and skills relevant to the workings of contemporary communication and media environments.”

All in all, Media Administration is taking off!