Media Administration is Still Meant to Be for You Even if You are Sixty or Over

Web Design Magician, DIY Digi and DocuMystery are three websites that are members of the Blog Coalition. And it is interesting to note, that all three of them have delved into tough terrain when it comes to to aging, jobs and technology. Let’s face it, just like the old and cheesy sci-fi “B” movies and novels, the fear of being replaced has been with us for quite some time. And now it is more than just something to be afraid of, it has become a reality.

And as “Media Administration” has been saying or implying for years is that technology is our friend. It makes life and work easier and easier, even as it takes jobs from some. But the good news is that if you know the “Method How,” even if your job appears to soon be taken over by Hal of “2001: a Space Odyssey.” One way to deal with it is to get training to be able to do something else, possibly leveraging your existing skillset. But this is compounded sometimes by your age and the existence of “U.S. Ageism.” So what do you do? What do you really do if you are living your life as an older person but want to continue to work? Take a low end position somewhere? Do your best to survive on what you have or have not saved, or turn entrepreneur.

It sounds good and certainly has been glamourized on shows lately. But how realistic is it. Especially since the as you probably noticed, the aforementioned programs mostly spotlight those in their thirties and younger making their business pitches. But in answer to whether it is a good idea to pursue this, our two cents for what it is worth, is that unless you have done a lot of work over the years or have a solid network.

But, for what it is worth, “Method How” is putting together a ten step method how to be able to put together an entrepreneurial project. Let’s face it, there is a lot of junk out there and misleading info, but “Method How” has done their best to not be seen as taking that approach. Their current model is to help “U.S. in Need.”

For the most part lately, to them this means assisting small business owners and those trying to start a business, by providing them with no cost ten step strategies. And we know for a fact they will extend it to those of us sixty or over, as well. So the only risk is the time you spend reading the ten step strategy, or the email report they have, previewing their last strategic offerings. Will it work for you? It depends. Is it worth getting and reading it? Absolutely.


“How to Work More Efficiently with Your Media Administration Process”

Satisfaction and mental wellbeing.

Hello. My name is Yianni Stamas and I will be your guide today. Regardless of if you are a media administrator overseeing hundreds of employees or just one, yourself, the same pressures exist: to help and track departments and workers so that they are always maximizing their productivity. In the end, that is the true job of those in the media administration field, to assist in making all things run smoothly not only for the sake of the bottom line but also to ensure satisfaction and mental wellbeing of the employees.

Tweaking workflow processes.

Being a media administrator is all about goals, goals set for all things media. This can be for the social media involved but also for projects such as online videos and website upkeep. The media administrator and in the big picture, media administration, has the responsibility to look at systems being currently used and sometimes will choose to tweak existing workflow processes.

Digital replacements of employees.

And again, even if you are a solopreneur acting as your own media administrator, you need to monitor yourself to continually document and update your workflows, especially early on in your business so you learn what works and what does not. And keep an eye on your use of digital tools to help with productivity. With AI and other emerging technologies, things that used to require many people can now be done by just one. If you search you can find free SaaS tools which in some cases can be helpful.

Yianni Stamas


Media Administration is Driven by Passion

A Big Responsibility

It does not matter whether you are an employee or a business owner, knowing what a media administrator does is important. In fact, one might say it is the most important role in business today. This is because a media administrator oversees not just social media but tracks the creation and implementation all things media including video, audio, images, text and more.

Driven by Passion

You might say that taking on the role of media administrator is being the communication hub of an organization. And because of this, it requires a thorough knowledge of existing and emerging media forms. But how does one become the person in charge of media administration? First and foremost, you must have a passion for media. This will ensure that you will have the motivation to be on the cutting edge of new media tools. Because of its basis in technology, media administration is always changing and evolving.

The Commerce Connection

The evolution of media is in many ways motivated by commerce. Lots of companies are clamoring to be the first to develop a new media product that solves a problem for the consumer or business in a faster or more comprehensive manner. Do you have an idea for a new media product?


Should You Self Produce an eLearning Course?

Get into the Driver’s Seat

One of the great things about having a self-produced eLearning course is that it offers a passive income stream. This means that in many ways producing your eLearning course is a set it and forget it investment opportunity with you in the driving seat.

Hands Off Delivery

You only need to make an eLearning course once and it can result in the possibility of making you money on an ongoing basis. And, needless to say, you will be reaching students from all over the world all in different time zone which does not matter because you have the technology that can automatically take and provide orders.

The Possibility of Expanding Your Coaching

For those who have a coaching aspect to their business are able to use the selling of their eLearning course as a way to market their expertise. A strategy that has been used successfully is to draw attention to yourself and your knowledge of a certain desired topic and then take new coaching clients. These clients can then be made aware that if they desire to learn more information, they can purchase from you online various eLearning courses each on a topic within a topic.

What is the Expectation of Students of Your eLearning Course?

This makes a case for making more eLearning courses that are subsets of your major topic. And again, these can be purchases and viewed by students on their own and may not take any additional involvement depending on your platform and what expectations you have made in the area of customer services and support.

The Offering of Various Media Types in the Same Course

The course itself can offer the student a variety of different media types, each of which is easy to make. Media types include, online text, downloadable PDF content and even videos. If you provide your students with all these types of content it can add to the perceived value of what you offer.

What is Your Delivery System?

The delivery system for your course can be done with a variety of different platforms. One approach is to offer your course on a site that has many other eLearning courses as well. The benefit to this approach can sometimes be that likely a site with many courses can provide potential traffic. Though, this is not always true and you may have to drive traffic yourself to your eLearning course on their website. If you have to drive your own traffic be certain to choose a site to release your course that has a good reputation and depending on its visibility in your industry can give you a degree of prestige.


Media Mind Over Matter

The Film Industry Facing the Virus

Filmmaking is of course a very important component of types of media in the Media Administrator’s bag of Media Arts. With the onslaught of COVID-19 the film industry in New York pretty much shut down. Now that a very slow layering in approach is being used for various industries, an unofficial movie crew was put together to face the Coronavirus.

Very Contagious

As you can seen in this picture, not all members of the crew are using masks, nor are they practicing social distancing. We hope that because of this that the other members of the crew don’t somehow catch the disease.

Mind Over Matter on the Coronavirus

Mostly we wanted to get the message out to Media Administrators in the New York area that pulling a film together can very much be mind over matter,  meaning do your due diligences and make certain your crew follows the Covid guidelines.


Media Administration and Social Media

Digital Projects

A big part of media administration is overseeing social media projects. Presently we use client social media forms to link to their digital assets. Or to put it another way, for us social media is a way to amplify the message.  And the message is generated through the various digital projects that we create for our clients.

Desired Communication

Lately we’ve been thinking in the realm of social media about the components that social links to. These include a client’s primary website and niche ones that we sometimes create for them. The niche aspect gives us a way to concentrate the client’s message onto one site that is dedicated specifically to the communication desired at that time.

Traffic to a Primary Website

We’ll often do this niche projects in WordPress whereas clients’ main sites tend to be created in SquareSpace. Having a niche site that social media can connect to means being able to concentrate a client’s message and provides a forum that social media traffic can be driven to, in order to participate in some activity that connects her or him to the client’s primary website.



USA Create is Becoming USA How To

Please Note

The following post is gleaned from a recent edition of the weekly marketing newsletter “USA How To.”

Achieve Your Dreams

With a wave of the wand it’s not a rabbit that’s going to be coming out of the hat but rather a new collaborator. USA Create is becoming USA How To which means there will be more emphasis on the “USA How To” of marketing. Currently known as the USA Create Newsletter a transition has started toward becoming the USA How To Newsletter. This means you’ll receive online marketing tips brought to you by the new group “USA How To” that has the mission to provide you with step by step eBooks to achieve your dreams.

Customized Digital Tools to Reach Your Goals

Why are we doing this? Because the direction that makes sense to us at this point is to be a supplier of short eBooks that solve problems for businesses, creatives and educators. Additionally we will continue to do products and services including eBook Authoring, Blogs Managing, Website Creating, Online Marketing and “Magic” Consulting (not magic tricks but rather the “Magic of Success”). All five of these products and services will be available to our eBook customers only and will be customized to the needs described in that eBook such as “How to Become YouTube Famous,” “How to Start an Amazon Business,” etc.

“USA How To” eBooks Can Help You Solve Your Problem

Some might say that solving problems in eBook form is not as useful as scouring internet search engines, seeking knowledge through social media and watching videos on the web. This is all well and good, but chances are this research process might be overwhelming and not answering the essential question of “How do I do this thing?” Why? Because you don’t know what you don’t know and it’s easy to reach information overload that takes you further and further away from your objective. That’s where USA How To comes into play.

Simple and Fun Results Are Possible

Our eBooks help you get where you want to go faster and without wasting your time surfing the web for weeks, months or even years. One of the most valuable commodities is time. And time is money. So why flush it down the drain when with a “USA How To” eBook you can accomplish your vision more simply and quickly. Why worry you might be taking the wrong steps when you can get the right ones with a “USA How To” eBook. Simple. Fun. Results.

The Playing Field Has Been Leveled

If you have any questions about all this and are a subscriber to our newsletter, simply hit return and we’d be more than happy to reply back. Our aim through all of this is to help you to reach your goals through information and digital media. We are fortunate to live in an era where the playing field has been leveled to some extent through you having the same access to digital tools that the wealthy do.

It’s Magic

If you are motivated and tenacious you can garner the outcome you desire with the help of USA How To eBooks, followed by the application of customized digital media products and services. USA Create is becoming USA How To. And we wish to thank Manhattan Magician and the NYC AIM crew for their media inspiration. Abracadabra, Presto-Change-O, Hit “Reply.”

Media Partnerships

The Reinvention

Media Administration has lately been reinventing itself with the assistance of Movie Process and NYC Create. Both of these organizations have a bit of a film bent which is appropriate, because contrary to popular belief Media Administration covers all media including movies, animation and other forms of moving pictures.

A New Direction for Media Administration

And now Media Administration is stepping into the forefront. Along with its partners, it is helping empower artists of all kinds, business owners and educators to be able to reach an audience and deliver digital products and services to them.

Subscribe to Get Some Traction

By subscribing to our newsletter at our partner site”on the topic of “How to Get New Customers,” you will receive a fresh and useful online marketing tip each and every week regarding, you guessed it, how to get new customers! These tips are drawn from actual undertakings that are currently being worked on either with customers or in-house projects.

Free Stuff

Plus, as a launch of your membership in the Club, you will also receive 10 consecutive days of an email course that reveals to you internet marketing secrets so you can get new customers, clients and fans online and keep the ones you already have!

Four Great Website and Marketing Packages to Choose from

Additionally we specialize in Online Marketing Arts solutions. These solutions are available in four different packages each containing an ascending amount of web promotion tools. We also offer four different weekly or monthly maintenance programs.

Always Fresh and Engaging

We work with to ensure that your website is always updated and attracting new customers as well as helping to keep in the loop your existing ones. Both the packages and programs are available in four different categories. These categories include Beginner, Intermediate, Pro and Super Pro, all of which take you beyond social media.

We are Committed to Helping YOU go BEYOND Social Media

You see, even though overseeing your existing social media accounts is not a service we offer, we do custom correlate the web marketing tools that we make for you to ensure that they have social integrations when needed. For example, we can set it up so that every time your weekly or monthly email newsletter is blasted to your list, simultaneously your Twitter and FaceBook pages will be automatically updated with the same information! And since we’re now in partnership with Movie Process, your videos, such as those on YouTube, are updated as a part of one of the packages now available through USA Create.

So Make Your Way Over to “How To Get New Customers”

One less headache you have to worry about! So if you want to learn how to get new customers, then go to the website created by in partnership with NYC Create that is quite appropriately called “How to Get New Customers” that can be accessed at Be sure to sign up for the Newsletter. See you there!


Working with Manhattan Magician Again!

Manhattan Magicican gives simple media marketing advice.

The name “Manhattan Magician” is that of a marketer and magician who works and resides in New York City.

And because it’s been a while since we updated this blog, we decided to jump back in with M.M in tow.

Manhattan Magician recently posted an article that has some simple and valuable advice to those currently working with digital media campaigns. He gives this advice with tongue firmly in cheek.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the Manhattan Magician article now.


What We as ArtisticPreneurs can Learn from Houdini

Houdini the Opportunity Creator
Houdini the Opportunity Creator

We as Media Administrators must always remember that at the heart we are ArtisticPreneurs. Being an ArtisticPreneur is not a new thing and there’s a lot that we can learn from famous ArtisticPreneurs like magician/escape artist Harry Houdini.

Houdini throughout his career never lost site of the fact that if he wanted opportunities he had to create them himself. He figured out early on that things were not going to go his way by relying on the people around him. He had to know where he wanted to be and then was able to leverage others to help him achieve it.