Defining Media Administration

Yianni Stamas Unearths How to Be an Administrator in a World of Media

World of Media

Defining what an Arts Administrator is and does is not easy. Truth be told, you are going to be your own form of administrator. The important thing is that you can help others as you unearth methods of how to be an administrators in a world of media.

Make a Difference in Your Community

If you were on the outside looking in, how do you think someone who is not of your industry would look at you and your company. What would they think? How likely are they to want to secure your services. Are they more likely to request your help on their projects if you had a history of making a difference in your community?

Perception of Your Business

If you were someone else looking at who you are and what you are doing for others in need, what would their perception of your business be?

Defining Media Administration

What Does Media Administration Really Mean?

What Does it Mean?

We ran a test recently asking people what they thought the term “Media Administration” really meant. Most people thought that it referred to someone who does social media. And they would be correct, but it stands for more than just that.

More than Just Social

A Media Administrator is a job that encompasses social media and more. The more has to do with other forms of media, like those involved in the web arts.

ALL is the Answer

So the next time someone asks you what “Media Administration” means, you can tell them that it is an individual who uses ALL forms of the media arts.

Defining Media Administration

Media Administration is an Evolving Concept

Media Administration?

Along with Movie Process and NYC AIM, we are defining for ourselves on an ongoing basis what the term “Media Administration” really means. We’ve seen many different interpretations of it, several of them in conjunction with the concept of “communication.”

Back to the Beginning

When we first started this website we thought of “Media Administration” as being the manager for all things media such as video and even involving the Movie Process. But as time passes, more new ways of looking at the concept of “Media Administration. One thing that has happened and adds more value to the term, is the idea of Media Administration being integrated into education.

Taking it to the Colleges and Universities

A cool thing that has been happening right now is that colleges and universities are starting to offer Media Administration careers! We were offering educational apprenticeships with NYC AIM on media administration even before it was in vogue.


One of these is in a college’s graduate program called Arts and Media Administration. It is a program where students explore not-for-profit organizations. The Master’s Degree offers field studies and more. Also, for qualified candidates you can even get an MBA in this area! Imagine an MBA in Media Administration! And that’s not all. “Media Administration” is a Google trend!

What’s Your Definition of Media Administration?

Last year we had a post that asked for what “your definition of media administration” is. The results often linked social media to the term. Someone who strictly does social media for a company is known as a Social Media Manager. Therefore, it is likely that being a Media Administrator would have some social media duties along with communications activities.

Interdisciplinary Program

Another graduate program we found that used the term Media Administration even had a clever acronym for the degree which is CMA that stands for “Communication & Media Administration. It is described as being an:

“interdisciplinary program, which provides understanding and skills relevant to the workings of contemporary communication and media environments.”

All in all, Media Administration is taking off!
Defining Media Administration

Is a Career in Media Administration Right for You?

Whether you live in the city, suburbia or a more rural area, we'd love to hear your definition of Media Administration. Please leave a message here.
Whether you live in the city, suburbia or a more rural area, we’d love to hear your definition of Media Administration. Please leave a message here.
What is Media Administration?

Deciding whether or not Media Administration is right for you can be challenging. This is because defining exactly what Media Administration is difficult to do. Media Administration is a relatively new career option, therefore as a term can mean different things to different people. For example, when some individuals say “Media Administration” they actually mean “Social Media Administration.”

Defining Media Administration

Then there are those who say “Media Administration” and mean “Digital Media Administration.” And finally there is a faction of folks who say “Media Administration” and actually mean “Arts and Media Administration.” We’d love to hear your definition of Media Administration. To let us know what it means to you, please visit our contact page.

A Combo of All 3 Media Administration Definitions

When we of say “Media Administration” we are implying a combination of all three definitions. In other words someone who is either a solopreneur or works for an arts organization and whose job it is to oversee social and digital media. Another name for this position is ArtisticPreneur.

What’s the Career Trend Definition of M.A.?

Being a Media Administrator or ArtisticPreneur can be quite daunting. It means having a lot on your plate. Social Media alone can be a full time vocation let alone doing digital media creation as well as overseeing your arts organization. Case in point, on the website “Career Trend” they describe a Social Media Administrator as being the person who serves as the brains behind an organization’s social media platforms. They also mention that the position requires the person to write and curate content designed to engage followers and promote the brand in a positive manner. also says that the job is a combination of marketing skills and social media expertise.

DigiComArts Weighs in Regarding M.A.

DigiComArts, an organization that has done media workshops for teens and young adults at the New York Public Library, says that they are helping to create the new pioneers of Media Administration. DigiComArts believes that the future is in the hands of ArtisticPreneurs. They go on further to say that individuals with backgrounds in the arts – including writers, filmmakers and actors etc. – make very good Media Administrators because of their creativity.

Entertainment Entrepreneurship Plays a Role

An ArtisticPrenuer using Media Administration can learn from Entertainment Entrepreneurs. When we recently contacted the blog, they said that they bring a certain performing arts excitement to the party for practitioners of Media Administration. The slogan of Entertainment Entrepreneurship is that “There’s no Business that’s not in Show Business.”

Media Administrators Need Artist Steps

The folks at remind us that the ultimate goal of utilizing Media Administration is to get more customers, clients and fans. The Artist Steps organization serves up ideas on how to achieve this as well as some of the tools that can be used.

Tools of the ArtisticPreneur

And finally, there’s no better place to get information on being an ArtisticPreneur (or Media Administrator) than the site bearing the name The ArtisticPreneur blog recently had a post that examined some of the same Media Administration tools as those at They even give a step by step plan for using these tools. The gist of what they are saying is that to be a Media Administrator you need to study what it takes to be an ArtisticPreneur. You need to be proactive and create your own opportunities. As of the writing of this blog entry the new incarnation of Art Gush and their “How To” downloadable PDFs were not yet available. When the PDFs are available, you’ll have a quick and easy way to get the knowledge you need to succeed. Ultimately, the PDFs will help you decide if a career in Media Administration is right for you. And remember, we’d love to hear from you. Just go to our contact page and leave a message.