John Yianni Stamas’ Media Administration Side of Film and Marketing Project

A Project Years in the Making

I’ve known John Yianni Stamas for several years and have been hearing about his movie making procedure idea for quite a long time. So I was quite happy when he told me that he was first doing an experiment with his brother and then he was going to full out do his MultiMedia Movie Making Matrix and Methodology project.

The Challenge

John has long been interested in Media Administration which is one of the reasons he was a great supporter of this website publication in the early days. At one time in fact the plan was to have be the sponsor of his filmmaking system undertaking. This in a sense was his NYC AIM. For various reasons this didn’t work out but John Yianni Stamas is not one to shy away from a challenge.

Driven to Self Funding

I don’t remember why exactly he decided to do the project sooner rather than later, but for whatever reason there was a great urgency Stamas had for starting on the endeavor NOW! I was involved, especially in the beginning of the Thinkific version of the method. John again asked if Media Administration was interested in funding the experiment but we were unable to do so. So JYS went the self funding route.

A Message to Hollywood

Having spent time in Hollywood, Stamas felt that there was a lot of waste in the approach to making motion pictures. He was interested in having a kinder gentler approach that did not require a crew at all! I was one of the many folks who signed up to go through the educational documentation of Stamas’ procedure and I knew in that his process was in part was a message to Hollywood.

Time Management

Following along with Stamas’ process on Thinkific was a lot of fun. He literally uploaded the precise activities he was doing each and every day, seven days a week. He had a background from many years prior of being a Super 8 filmmaker which is actually good training for other film undertakings because you have to be very careful how you spend your time.

Working Out the Kinks

Stamas also did video production and editing for many years so he had those tools available to him. I wasn’t privy to the pre-project process that his brother oversaw, so I didn’t see a lot of the stages before the kinks were worked out. Having been a part of his NYC AIM program, I had heard of a lot about the approach.

Blockbusters the Future?

People ask me if they think that John Yianni Stamas was on the right track. They wonder if this really is the future of filmmaking! My answer to this question is a complicated one. On the one hand it is clear that the blockbusters (not the stores!) are doing well and are the primary motion pictures people see.

Self Distribution

But I also can’t deny there is something to making a movie and then releasing it through, say, Amazon and then use something like Stamas’ Internet Guerrilla Marketing to drive traffic to it!