Media Administration is Working with Manhattan Magician

Media Administration is Working with Manhattan Magician
They said it would never happen but Media Administration is now working with Manhattan Magician on The ArtisticPreneur Project. Will rise up to its full potential?!

Hot off the Press is New info About Manhattan Magician and!

Manhattan Magician has chosen to work with the staff of Media Administration on the top secret endeavor known as “The ArtisticPreneur Project.” You heard it here first, it’s rumored that the now quite small website has big plans in the media community. They are believed to be working offline on many new pages to flesh out the the ArtisticPreneur site in keeping with ArtisticPreneur’s mission which is to empower ArtisticPreneurs with digital tools that they in turn use to promote themselves.

Growing Pains involving Video Film Web, Celebify and Lights Camera Read

ArtisticPreneur has been up and running for less than a year, but in that time they’ve already aligned themselves with some of the forces to be recognized in the digital media world including Video Film Web, Celebify, Lights Camera Read and now Media Administration. What is Media Administration bringing to the table in terms of website content? We have a strong knowledge of administration when it comes to media and are going over materials related to this topic which are being written by Manhattan Magician.

ArtisticPreneur’s True Reason for Building Out Content

When asked what the core reason is as to why they are expanding the content on their website, the answer seems to be that ArtisticPreneur is looking to dominate the ArtisticPreneur space by building organizational infrastructures with other like minded organizations thereby expanding their reach.

When Will ArtisticPreneur Unveil Their New Content?

There doesn’t seem to be any specific date yet when the new content is going to be featured on the ArtisticPreneur site. Offline the material they are amassing considerably but we’ve been told by Manhattan Magician who is overseeing the project that much of the content will likely be cut and that he’s not even sure if the new content will ever be uploaded. When asked why he said:

“At this stage of the game is not even sure they want to grow bigger. And by adding new content they are adding new reach to demographics they may not have had access to prior. But with this comes great responsibility and they are not even sure they have the bandwidth to handle it.”