“How to Work More Efficiently with Your Media Administration Process”

Satisfaction and mental wellbeing.

Hello. My name is Yianni Stamas and I will be your guide today. Regardless of if you are a media administrator overseeing hundreds of employees or just one, yourself, the same pressures exist: to help and track departments and workers so that they are always maximizing their productivity. In the end, that is the true job of those in the media administration field, to assist in making all things run smoothly not only for the sake of the bottom line but also to ensure satisfaction and mental wellbeing of the employees.

Tweaking workflow processes.

Being a media administrator is all about goals, goals set for all things media. This can be for the social media involved but also for projects such as online videos and website upkeep. The media administrator and in the big picture, media administration, has the responsibility to look at systems being currently used and sometimes will choose to tweak existing workflow processes.

Digital replacements of employees.

And again, even if you are a solopreneur acting as your own media administrator, you need to monitor yourself to continually document and update your workflows, especially early on in your business so you learn what works and what does not. And keep an eye on your use of digital tools to help with productivity. With AI and other emerging technologies, things that used to require many people can now be done by just one. If you search you can find free SaaS tools which in some cases can be helpful.

Yianni Stamas