Media Administration is Still Meant to Be for You Even if You are Sixty or Over

Web Design Magician, DIY Digi and DocuMystery are three websites that are members of the Blog Coalition. And it is interesting to note, that all three of them have delved into tough terrain when it comes to to aging, jobs and technology. Let’s face it, just like the old and cheesy sci-fi “B” movies and novels, the fear of being replaced has been with us for quite some time. And now it is more than just something to be afraid of, it has become a reality.

And as “Media Administration” has been saying or implying for years is that technology is our friend. It makes life and work easier and easier, even as it takes jobs from some. But the good news is that if you know the “Method How,” even if your job appears to soon be taken over by Hal of “2001: a Space Odyssey.” One way to deal with it is to get training to be able to do something else, possibly leveraging your existing skillset. But this is compounded sometimes by your age and the existence of “U.S. Ageism.” So what do you do? What do you really do if you are living your life as an older person but want to continue to work? Take a low end position somewhere? Do your best to survive on what you have or have not saved, or turn entrepreneur.

It sounds good and certainly has been glamourized on shows lately. But how realistic is it. Especially since the as you probably noticed, the aforementioned programs mostly spotlight those in their thirties and younger making their business pitches. But in answer to whether it is a good idea to pursue this, our two cents for what it is worth, is that unless you have done a lot of work over the years or have a solid network.

But, for what it is worth, “Method How” is putting together a ten step method how to be able to put together an entrepreneurial project. Let’s face it, there is a lot of junk out there and misleading info, but “Method How” has done their best to not be seen as taking that approach. Their current model is to help “U.S. in Need.”

For the most part lately, to them this means assisting small business owners and those trying to start a business, by providing them with no cost ten step strategies. And we know for a fact they will extend it to those of us sixty or over, as well. So the only risk is the time you spend reading the ten step strategy, or the email report they have, previewing their last strategic offerings. Will it work for you? It depends. Is it worth getting and reading it? Absolutely.