Should You Self Produce an eLearning Course?

Get into the Driver’s Seat

One of the great things about having a self-produced eLearning course is that it offers a passive income stream. This means that in many ways producing your eLearning course is a set it and forget it investment opportunity with you in the driving seat.

Hands Off Delivery

You only need to make an eLearning course once and it can result in the possibility of making you money on an ongoing basis. And, needless to say, you will be reaching students from all over the world all in different time zone which does not matter because you have the technology that can automatically take and provide orders.

The Possibility of Expanding Your Coaching

For those who have a coaching aspect to their business are able to use the selling of their eLearning course as a way to market their expertise. A strategy that has been used successfully is to draw attention to yourself and your knowledge of a certain desired topic and then take new coaching clients. These clients can then be made aware that if they desire to learn more information, they can purchase from you online various eLearning courses each on a topic within a topic.

What is the Expectation of Students of Your eLearning Course?

This makes a case for making more eLearning courses that are subsets of your major topic. And again, these can be purchases and viewed by students on their own and may not take any additional involvement depending on your platform and what expectations you have made in the area of customer services and support.

The Offering of Various Media Types in the Same Course

The course itself can offer the student a variety of different media types, each of which is easy to make. Media types include, online text, downloadable PDF content and even videos. If you provide your students with all these types of content it can add to the perceived value of what you offer.

What is Your Delivery System?

The delivery system for your course can be done with a variety of different platforms. One approach is to offer your course on a site that has many other eLearning courses as well. The benefit to this approach can sometimes be that likely a site with many courses can provide potential traffic. Though, this is not always true and you may have to drive traffic yourself to your eLearning course on their website. If you have to drive your own traffic be certain to choose a site to release your course that has a good reputation and depending on its visibility in your industry can give you a degree of prestige.